V Win Notebooks is solely customer focused organization and we also blend to satisfy our customer in their own choice. Wherein the wrapper will be designed as per their preference, the size of the notebooks can be modified as per their wish, the quality of paper and board of the wrapper is also flexible to their own choice
The Sizes of The Notebooks Available With Us Are:
Binding Wrapper
Jasmine Size (15.5 X 19.5 Cms).

Lily Size

(18 X 24 Cms).
Long Size (19.5 X 31.5 Cms).
Special Jasmine (16.5 X20.5 Cms).
Special Lily (18.5 X 24.5 Cms).
Special Long (20.5 X 32.5 Cms).
The GSM of Papers Available Are:-
56 Gsm (Mostly Preferred By Schools).
60 Gsm (Preferred By Schools and Colleges).
70 Gsm (Preferred For Record Notebooks).
Types of Wrapper or Binding of the Notebooks Are:-
Binding Wrapper
Flexible Made Finish

Hard Bond

Glossy Laminated
Hard Cover Case Making Made Finish with Gold Foil
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